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What is Shopify and why is it so popular?

If, like me, you’ve been living under an ecommerce-shaped rock for years, you might not have heard of Shopify. In this article, a newbie (that’s me!), who is lucky enough to be surrounded by Shopify experts on a daily basis, offers some insight into Shopify’s fast-growing, global ecommerce platform and why it is so popular.


Love who you love and be who you are

Not only is June 2022 Pride month, but it also marks 50 years since the first Pride event in the UK - a wonderful milestone in terms of inclusivity in the UK. Contemplating the origins and meaning of Pride, I consider why Pride is still needed today.


6 reasons wireframing is important

Wireframes should be an integral part of planning your new web project. They will ensure your website is well thought out, scalable and includes everything you (and the website users) need it to include. They may even highlight things you hadn’t thought to include!


We work on our wellbeing, too…

At Thought and Mortar, we understand that everyone has mental health and we know it takes time and effort to maintain a positive mental wellbeing. In homage to Mental Health Month this May, we’ve asked some of the T&M team to reflect on what they do to stay balanced when it comes to their mental health.


Shopify Online Store 2.0 - A first look

In June 2021, Shopify’s annual Unite conference once again saw the unveiling of numerous exciting Shopify updates. Although hosted online for a second year running, this year’s event has proven worth the wait with a multitude of exciting updates being announced.