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The Thought & Mortar team brings together kickass specialists across design, development and delivery. We love what we do. And coffee.

Ben Wellby - Founder and Managing Director

Ben Wellby

Founder & Managing Director

Ben combines a deep understanding of UX, design and development with commercial know-how. He goes to great lengths to understand every client’s unique needs, challenges and ambitions, to make sure our work always delivers, creatively and commercially.

Simon Mosse - Founder and Ecommerce Director

Simon Mosse

Founder & Ecommerce Director

Simon brings huge experience in big-site ecommerce development. As a seasoned Shopify specialist, he combines creativity with strategic mettle, to create elegant, effortless experiences for users – and hard-working, successful solutions for clients.

Hayley Chappell - Project Manager

Hayley Chappell

Project Manager

With exceptional efficiency and concise clarity, Hayley is the linchpin between our team, clients and their projects. She keeps us all pointed in the same direction while always bringing a smile to the office on a daily basis.

Helen Bradbury - User Experience Designer

Helen Bradbury

User Experience Designer

Combining technical rigour with beautiful execution is no mean feat, but Helen effortlessly brings both to the table. Working closely with our clients, she gets the full picture before bringing it to life with exquisite, well-thought-through design.

James Hall - Shopify Developer

James Hall

Shopify Developer

James is a talented Shopify developer with wide experience in store setup, app integration and bespoke feature implementation. With a laser-sharp eye for detail, he helps to make sure our designs look great and work hard.

Nathan Kelly - Shopify Developer

Nathan Kelly

Shopify Developer

Nathan brings a meticulous, no-stone-unturned approach to every project. He likes to navigate the twists and turns of Shopify development with high standards, infectious energy and a seemingly unquenchable thirst for learning.

Archie Hollyfield - Shopify Developer

Archie Hollyfield

Shopify Developer

Archie is an efficient developer, with quips as speedy as his approach to web development. His time-conscious approach to work is refreshing, as is his attention to detail. Archie's ability to apply his comprehensive knowledge of the web to Shopify development is second-to-none.

Thought and Mortar team member


Good boi

The apple of Hayley's eye: Rudie brings fetch and fun and games to the office, offering lots of sniffs and opportunities for tummy tickles when the team is in need of a serotonin boost. He's happiest when sleeping under his hoomum's desk and keeping her feet warm.

Thought and Mortar team member


Happy boi

Teddy will greet you with the biggest wriggly bum. He loves a good chase but once tired he'll be found under his human's desk. Like a typical lab, he has a one-track mind and will be your best friend if you have food, ever optimistic for the tiniest morsel and with those big brown eyes, it's hard to say no.

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Thought & Mortar is a full-service digital agency. From our Bristol studio, we use Shopify Plus to build powerful ecommerce experiences that makes brands grow. Applying strategic, technical and creative know-how, we enrich and elevate digital business. Expertise and experience. Creative and commercial. Function and form. We’re Thought and Mortar.

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