Growth and ongoing support

So, your Shopify store is built, launched and working brilliantly. But as your business grows, your store needs to evolve and grow with it. We’re with you every step of the way.

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How we do it

It’s all about optimisation and growth. With regular, dedicated focus on what you and your store need (weekly, if that’s what works best), we make strategic recommendations that are sharply focused on growing your business. It might be all-hands-on-deck to fix something that isn’t quite working or setting the strategy to expand into international markets. Whatever we need to do, we bring tried-and-tested support, development and optimisation.

What we do

  • Strategic consultancy

  • Regular site maintenance and optimisation

  • Feature development

  • Internationalisation

  • Technical SEO

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More services...

Move & Migrate

Once we’ve made sure Shopify is the right fit for your brand and business, we define your IA and migrate existing content and data.

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Strategy and setup

Strategy first, setup second. Clearly defined strategy is fundamental to your success and optimising everything Shopify can do for your business.

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Design & Develop

Customer-first UX, bespoke on-brand design, and conversion-focused content that works hard from backend to front.

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