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Shopify Winter Updates 2023

Shopify has just launched a host of juicy updates this month with the release of Shopify Editions: Winter 2023 - here are a few of our favourites.


10 ways you can optimise your Shopify Plus checkout

One of the many benefits of using Shopify is the Shopify checkout. It’s fast, flexible, secure, and easy to set up. However, if you have Shopify Plus, you can do many things to enhance and customise the standard checkout to improve the user experience and increase your conversion rate.


The Power of Page Speed for Conversion Rates

November and December is, without doubt, the highest-volume sales period per annum: with Black Friday and the Christmas holidays around the corner, online businesses prepare for the busiest two months of the year.


5 black tech pioneers you’ve probably not heard of (but should have)

When you think of technology industry leaders and pioneers, the names Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerburg, and Jeff Bezos will be at the top of the list. And, while their achievements are impressive they all have one (ok, maybe 2) things in common, they’re all white (and men). In honour of Black History Month, we’ve put together a list of five black pioneers in the Technology and Computer Science industry that you probably haven’t heard of, but should have.


Part one: why you should use website insights to improve your users' journeys

We are big fans of using data to support our decision-making. We use data and insights when designing and building websites: from the very start of the project, all the way through to our ongoing, post-launch support. In fact, we don’t believe you should ever stop analysing the data to make tweaks and improvements to your website.