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eve sleep

eve sleep is all about the “brilliantly bright-eyed and bushy-tailed bounciness” that comes from a great night’s sleep. The award-winning sleep-wellness company came to us for a shiny, new Shopify 2.0 website.

eve sleep wanted to to utilise Shopify’s lightweight theme, Dawn, as a base and use its inbuilt features and methodology to improve performance of their existing website, the results:


increase in returning customer rate


increase in sessions


increase in desktop performance


The thought

The new eve theme was built upon Dawn's codebase, Shopify’s new 2.0 starter theme. Dawn’s development methodology uses a very modular approach, making the theme simple and easy to customise. When building the new website, we closely followed Dawn’s methodology, taking care to preserve the theme’s flexibility and approach.

  • Develop using Shopify’s theme, Dawn, as a base, which uses a lightweight HTML-first, JavaScript-only-as-needed approach.

  • Extend Dawn’s functionality by building features that weren’t available in Dawn at the time

  • Result in a highly-performant end product

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The mortar

Using Dawn as a base meant that there were a few important features that didn’t exist at the time. The key features that we needed to build from scratch were:

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Dawn does have breadcrumbs functionality, however, it isn’t in line with eve Sleep’s current designs. We updated Dawn’s breadcrumb functionality to be in line with their current theme’s breadcrumbs This required

  • Ensuring the breadcrumb links are SEO optimised

  • Adding the ability to toggle templates/pages on or off

  • Ability to create their own breadcrumb steps

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USP Banner

We built a USP banner as a custom section as this does not exist in Dawn currently. The section will live as a fixed section below the Header section, and will accept up to 3 icon and text blocks.



Mega-menus have since been added to Dawn, but at the time it wasn’t an inbuilt feature. We built a mega-menu that supported:

  • 3 tiers of navigation

  • Featured products

  • The addition of custom tags next to navigation items

Specific colour product images

We needed to replicate functionality that when there are multiple colour variants the product images only display the images associated with the first colour variant. When the user changes the colour variant the images then update to the selected variants associated images.

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