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David Austin Roses

Following over 60 years of cultivating and selling award-winning roses, David Austin Roses needed to futureproof its online business. Using the existing Shopify store as a foundation, we focused on how to grow the brand online, for the US, UK, and EU markets.

Since David Austin Roses started working with Thought & Mortar they have seen marked results:


increase in total orders


increase in returning customers


increase in mobile usage the last 12 months


The thought

Evolving the existing David Austin Roses Shopify store with optimised UX and enhanced design was at the heart of the initial work Thought and Mortar undertook, with a view to retain and evolve their heritage look and feel. The relationship has now also matured into a place where Thought and Mortar can seamlessly act as a nimble extension of the David Austin Roses team.

We are well versed in liaising and working alongside third party teams (often already enlisted by our clients), which allows us to extend this knowledge out to these SEO and Marketing teams. We pride ourselves on this collaborative flexibility and enjoy the range of additional expertise this affords the client.

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The mortar

Through working with David Austin Roses on an ongoing basis, we are able to make continuous improvements to the codebase and digital strategy. This is where the nuts and bolts of ecommerce are tended to, with the ultimate goal of driving engagement, conversion rates and sales.

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Improved mobile experience

Audits showed that there was a lot of room for improvement on mobile before working together. Through focused efficiencies, mobile usage went up by 80%.   

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Enhanced SEO

As a result of regular audits, analytics and data reviews, our recommendations to enhance SEO have helped drive significant additional traffic to the site. 


Nominated Day Delivery

Extending Shopify's secure and well-loved checkout ecosystem is no small feat, but in collaboration with Shopify's Plus team, Thought and Mortar were able to offer some essential bespoke functionality for the David Austin Roses customers.

Shipping and ZIP code/country lookup functionality

International markets are central to the David Austin Roses growth strategy. For the US market we designed and built a bespoke zip code finder, and for the EU a country lookup finder, enabling customers to see location-based shipping costs before adding products to their basket.

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