What we do

We’re a friendly team of digital folk who care about what we do. We know that no two projects are the same, so our approach at Thought and Mortar is flexible. We assemble the right people for the job, on a project by project basis.

We partner with agencies, but also thrive working as a standalone, self-managed team.

Shopify development

We are certified Shopify Experts. Over the years, we have found Shopify to be the e-commerce platform that ticks all our boxes, from the CMS right up until the checkout flow.

User experience

We love working closely with our clients to help them adapt to the intricacies of a digital project.

In order to create great user experiences we look to fully understand every step of a project through detailed research, consultation and planning. These findings are used to make rational and well informed decisions throughout a project.

Interface design

For us, design is about making the delivery of content a happy experience. We aim to simplify the complex, organise the chaotic, and create patterns that can be reused to deliver delightful and coherent interfaces, across as many devices as possible.

Front-end development

The visual intricacies do not stop when we turn design into code. We see coding as an extension of the design process, and it takes a keen eye for detail to make that process a successful one.

We’re never happier than when we’ve a complex problem to solve. And if words like Git, BEM, and Node make no sense to you, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered (and if they do, you know you’re in good hands).