Case Study

Runderwear sell pants and bras, amongst other things. They’re not just any old pants and bras, they’re anti chafe, moisture wicking, seamless pants and bras for runners. In fact when Jamie and Rich set up Runderwear there was no equivalent in the market. We work with them on a retainer basis to help grow their sales and improve their website.

The Thought

We started our journey with Runderwear by auditing their existing Shopify website. The audit focused on 3 key areas – Shopify setup, performance and customer experience. Together with Runderwear we decided what of our findings we would action.

Our suggestions included:

  • Improve accessibility
  • Fix broken layout issues
  • Add more relevant product details such as stock, delivery times and lifestyle imagery.
  • Remove unused JS
  • Optimise and lazy load imagery

the Mortar

Since working with Runderwear we’ve focussed on some key areas of the website and added some bespoke functionality.

Bundle builder

We enabled Runderwear to bundle certain products together. This helps upsell products, whilst giving the user an additional discount.

Bra size calculator

In order for women to get the comfiest bra they need to find their perfect fit. We implemented a bra size calculator where women just have to take two measurements and then they’ll be given their Runderwear bra size along with recommended products. This gives the user confidence that they’re purchasing the correct size.

Improve conversion rate

We improved the checkout process to increase the conversion rate:

Add to basket

  • We increased the visibility of the free delivery text
  • Prioritised the proceed to checkout button over the continue shopping button

Shopping bag

  • Add Checkout button at the top of the shopping bag as well as at the bottom
  • Add store messaging


  • Improved the design of the progress indicator
  • Added help/contact information into the checkout page
  • Show payment options upfront
  • Add postcode lookup functionality

“Thought & Mortar have been a pleasure to work with since we started working with them over 2 years ago. Excellent and prompt communication, fantastic quality of work completed and always go above and beyond to meet and achieve our expectations. Ben and Simon have assembled a brilliant team and any business with a Shopify store could benefit from their knowledge, logic and practical input.“


We’d love to partner with you to take your business further with Shopify. Get in touch and let’s find out what we can do together.