Case Study
David Austin Roses

Following over 60 years of cultivating and selling award-winning roses, David Austin Roses needed to futureproof its online business. Using the existing Shopify store as a foundation, we focused on how to grow the brand online, for the US, UK, and EU markets.

Since DAR have started working with T&M:

The Thought

The journey to making the online experience as peerless as the product started with an audit. It highlighted the gaps where we could make the most of Shopify’s features. By making efficiencies in setup, we could improve the site’s performance, enhance the customer experience, and set the brand’s ecommerce on the path to even more growth. Getting there included:

  • Optimisation of images
  • Enhanced layout and design
  • Removal of unused apps
  • Removal of unnecessary Javascript
  • Delayed loading of larger, less important Javascript files

the Mortar

The benefit of working with David Austin Roses on a retainer, is that we’re able to make continuous improvements. It’s led to increased sales and return customers, and has significantly enhanced the mobile experience. Here are the highlights.

Improved mobile experience

Our audit showed that the site wasn’t performing at all well on mobile. With focused efficiencies, mobile usage went up by 80%.

  • Optimisation and compression of images, to upload at the required size
  • Definition of image size in the code based on viewport size
  • Delayed loading of less important Javascript files
  • Removal of unused Javascript from mobile view
  • Improved breakpoints so content remains intact

Enhanced SEO

Through regular audits and analytics data reviews, our recommendations to enhance SEO have driven considerable traffic to the site.

  • Implementation of an HTML sitemap and optimisation of the existing sitemap
  • Fixing broken redirects, and 301/404 errors
  • Use and implementation of schema throughout the site
  • Improved speed

Zip code/country lookup

International markets are central to the brand’s growth. For the US store we designed and built a bespoke zip code finder, and for the EU a country lookup finder. This enables customers to see location-based shipping costs before adding the product to their basket.

We’d love to partner with you to take your business further with Shopify. Get in touch and let’s find out what we can do together.