Case Study
David Austin Roses

David Austin Roses have been cultivating and selling award winning roses for over 60 years. They approached us to work with them on a retainer basis, helping to maintain and improve their existing Shopify store. There are 3 high volume sales stores, US, EU and UK.

Removing the Covid Lockdown Month, year on year sales since DAR have started working with T&M (UK store specifically):

The Thought

We initially audited their existing website to see where improvements could be made. The audit focused on 3 key areas – Shopify setup, performance and customer experience. We then discussed the audit with Dave Austin Roses and decided which points we would action.

Our suggestions included:

  • Optimising images
  • Removing unused apps
  • Removing unnecessary Javascript and Delay loading of larger, less important js files
  • Various layout improvements

A screenshot of a David Austin Roses product page on their Shopify store

A screenshot of the David Austin Roses Shopify landing page

the Mortar

Since our initial audit we’ve continually added and improved the David Austin Roses website whilst working with them on a retainer. We’ve increased sales, return customers and massively improved the mobile experience.

Improved mobile experience

  • Optimise images so that the images are uploaded at the required size and reduce the size of them by compressing them
  • Define image size within the code based on viewport size
  • Delay the loading of less important JS files
  • Removing unused JS from mobile view
  • Breakpoint improvements so that content doesn’t break

SEO work

Part of the increase in website visits was due to the SEO work we have undertaken on the website. With regular website audits and reviewing Analytic data we’re able to make recommendations on how to optimise the website traffic. The most impactful changes we have made were:

  • Generate a HTML sitemap and optimise the existing sitemap
  • Fix broken redirects, and 301/404 errors
  • Utilise and implement schema throughout the site
  • Improve the speed of the website

Zip code/country lookup

In the US store we designed and built a bespoke zip code finder and in the EU we’ve designed and buit a country look up finder. This enables the user to get shipping costs based on their location before they’ve added the product to basket.

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