Who are
Thought & Mortar?

Thought and Mortar is a modest-but-mighty team of thinkers, designers and doers. Together, we find the sweet spot where strategy, technology and creativity can thrive, using Shopify Plus to make stand-out ecommerce experiences for every client.

What we do
Function then form

We use Shopify Plus to make brands grow. But long before we write a single line of code, we build a strong partnership with the people behind the brand. For us, it’s the best and only way to build powerful ecommerce experiences that are strategically robust, creatively rich, and commercially rock-solid. And above all, a joy to use.

Why we do it
Simply better

With strategic heads and creative hearts, we get a kick out of applying our thinking, design and digital capabilities to make every client’s brand and business flourish. As natural born problem-solvers, we like to get stuck in, sleeves up, and harness the endless potential of digital to make online business better.

How we do it
Ideas not egos

It’s all about the people. Not just Thought and Mortar people, but the people we work with, too. We’re proud of our no bull**** way of doing everything, in an environment where everyone has a voice, opinions flow freely, and ideas can come from anywhere. And do. We’ve found it’s better for everyone, and every project is better for it.

our guiding principles

  • 1/5Love it

    We absolutely love what we do, and bring enthusiasm, passion and positivity to every project, no matter what.

  • 2/5Own it

    Our business is founded on trust and respect. We trust our people to deliver, and our clients trust us to do the same.

  • 3/5Good isn’t good enough

    We pride ourselves on quality without compromise, and always find the way to push what’s possible. No cut corners.

  • 4/5No bull****

    There's no room for inflated egos. We're an open, friendly bunch, who are always here for each other, and there for our clients.

  • 5/5Stay Balanced

    We bring balance to everything: our process, our ambition, our people. No secrets. No surprises. Most of all, we balance work with life.

We’d love to partner with you to take your business further with Shopify. Get in touch and let’s find out what we can do together.