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Shopify themes - Theme vs Shopify

Shopify themes - Theme vs Bespoke

One of the first things to come up in conversations with clients about a new store or migrating to Shopify is themes. Having pre-built themes is great in that it goes a long way to removing a significant barrier to entry when setting up a new store, particularly for smaller start-ups whose chief concerns tend to be around time and budget. Themes available from the Shopify theme store, of which there are over 70 ranging from free up to around $180 (for the more premium ones), make getting a store up and running quicker and more cost effective.

However, there are a few things worth considering when approaching a new Shopify store that will affect whether you are best going with a theme or opting for a bespoke solution. Below are a few observations from our experience working with Shopify over the last 8 years.

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Part 1 - An Overview

What is Shopify Plus? Part 1 - Overview

This article is the first in a series of posts that will explore the features of Shopify Plus. Over the coming weeks and months, a number of articles will follow, each going into further detail on several of the features mentioned in this article.

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Mid / Senior weight front-end Developer

We are looking for a Mid-weight to Senior Frontend Developer with solid skills in JavaScript, CMS integration and templating languages to come and join us here at Thought and Mortar.

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Bristol Shopify Meetup #1

We have just hosted our first Bristol Shopify Meetup event in our office, on Park Street. About a month ago, Simon and I had the sudden inspiration to become a part of a local Meetup group that covered the theme of Shopify. To our surprise we could not find one. So we decided to start our own.

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