Case Study

Industville Lighting

Industville provide a wide selection of Vintage and Antique industrial lighting solutions and were looking for a Shopify store to match the success of their brick and mortar business.

The key to Industville’s brand is contemporary luxury. Based on recommendations, they came to us to ensure this was communicated through their digital presence. Our brief was to deliver a new site to run seamlessly alongside their already successful London store.

Through our bespoke service, we formed an intimate and agile working relationship with the Industville team. This allowed us to fully understand the brand, it’s aspirations and most importantly – how we can help them meet those through their Shopify store.

By applying their existing branding and typography to updated technologies in an elegant design, we ultimately delivered a custom theme which takes their online store to the next level, with a beautiful end result.

Take a look:

Things we did

  • Strategy and planning
  • User Experience
  • Front-end development
  • Shopify development

Strategic brand collaboration

We worked closely with the Industville team throughout as well as collaborating with Brand guardians and SEO companies to ensure important targets were met end to end. This not only allowed us to successfully preserve the strong identity of Industville but to implement marketing strategies and offers.

Flexible functionality

Industville provide services for both commercial and individual customers. So, we knew it was important to create a user experience which successfully facilitates both these functions simply and effectively. We implimented an easy-to-use user experience throughout the site, whilst optimising it from a code and performance point of view.

The resulting simplification sitewide combined with the addition of a wholesale functionality has made for more seamless transactions across the board.