Case Study
Just Ingredients

Just Ingredients is big on ingredients. Huge, in fact. One of the UK’s biggest online suppliers came to us to migrate to Shopify Plus and unlock even more growth.

Starting with a seamless (and uninterrupted) migration from Magento to Shopify, Just Ingredients now serves up 1,200+ products for over 85,000 trade and retail customers – and counting.

the Thought

The Just Ingredients offer is simple: the one-stop online shop for finding the world’s best ethical, natural and healthy ingredients. But their brief was complex.

Following our strategy and planning phase, we needed to:

  • Replatform from Magento to Shopify, without interruption
  • Respond to changes in consumer behaviour during the pandemic
  • Serve the different needs of trade and retail audiences, and the right content for each
  • Define, design and build bespoke solutions for non-native functionality

the Mortar

Fundamental to the new Just Ingredients Shopify Plus store was meeting the very different needs of trade and retail customers, not least because of the spike in direct retail during the pandemic. Much of this functionality isn’t supported natively by Shopify, so we developed our own fixes. Here’s what we did.

Making it work for trade

We developed a range of features to more effectively meet the needs of the trade audience.

  • Trade-specific sign-up form – capturing customer data to enhance profiling and CRM
  • Tailored trade content – using customer tags to target content, from bespoke services to technical documents
  • Payment options – introduction of BACS payment for validated customers
  • Trade prices – targeted pricing for product variants across the site
  • Loyalty rewards – unique logic to deliver loyalty rewards for trade and retail

Dynamic VAT pricing

Just Ingredients needed a clearer process for VAT-exempt trade customers.

  • Tax-free browsing and checkout – by submitting a valid tax number, trade customers can browse and checkout, tax free
  • Geo-located pricing – accepting VAT and other European tax codes to dynamically display tax based on location and delivery address

Simplified shipping

With such complex rules and wide shipping locations, the store needed a truly dynamic solution.

  • A variety of shipping methods - based on product, price and weight
  • Serving Europe – costs and availability to ship to a large number of countries
  • Multiple fulfilment centres - incorporating their varied shipping costs
  • Blended rates – incorporating different product’s rates into a single, dynamic blended rate

Pro-rata shipping tax

This was a new one for us, and required development of complex scripts that would work in the Shopify Checkout to calculate how much of the cart’s contents is taxable. From there, customers are charged the right amount of shipping tax.

Bespoke Xero accounting integration

To deliver complex tax reports, the Just Ingredients site needed to integrate with Xero, its accounting software. We got the Shopify API and Xero API talking to each other, developing complex logic to retrieve Shopify data and build the tax reports for Xero.

“Thought and Mortar were a pleasure to work with on this project and are highly recommended.“

Just Ingredients

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