Case Study

Diana Porter

Shopify store and strategy for Diana Porter – Bristol’s independent jewellers and gallery.

Since 1969 Diana Porter have been creating bespoke Jewellery in the UK and have long been established in their home town of Bristol as the go to shop for unique contemporary pieces. In 2016 they began to expand the reach of their business online choosing Shopify as their platform.

Over the last year, we have been working closely with them to create a tailored Shopify experience, which echoes the handcrafted beauty of their products. With the focus placed upon increasing performance and sales, we began with optimising their user experience (UX) and visual design.

Having built a strong working relationship with the client, we continue to support the team. Our ongoing analytical insight helps to inform marketing campaigns and digital strategy whilst general site maintenance ensures they continue to move from strength to strength.

Our work with Diana Porter has helped to increase:

  • Volume of sales by 35%
  • Conversion rate by 19%
  • Repeat customer rate 116%

Take a look:

Things we did

  • Strategy and planning
  • Shopify development
  • Ongoing support

Ongoing support

An ongoing support agreement with Diana Porter allows for us to plan and discuss regular and iterative improvements that can be made to the Shopify store. This continued involvement and insight into the day to day function of the site boosts its success, whilst taking a little weight off our busy client’s shoulders.

Improved conversion rates sitewide

Our detailed research, strategy and planning process allowed us to first understand the challenges Diana Porter faced when building its online store. This knowledge of the business and its customers was essential to informing our work.

Employing strategies such as; Customer surveys, Guest blog features, Seasonal content changes and Campaign newsletters we have created better content, layouts and user experience. Improvements like these have led to sales numbers increasing by more than 35%.